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27 March 2010 @ 09:24 pm
Stamped: Costume Theme  

Name: Anna
Previously Stamped as: Gwinevre

☆Fashion Questions:☆
How would you describe your day style?I don't have a specific fashion style, I like simple, confortable and colorfull clothes. I like to wear jeans and t-shirts because they're very comfortable but I also like to wear skirts and dresses when I go out because they are feminine and cute. I love boots and flats (Flats are my kind of shoes!), i like to wear heels from time to time, but i prefer flats because are more comfortable, stlish and look cute!
I would definitely wear something like this
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How would you describe your night(going out) style? Is more elengant and sophisticated, something like
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Do you dress for comfort or for style? It depends on the situation, but probably something in between.

Any specific trends just now that you like and why? Not really

Would you describe yourself as girly or more tomboy? I'm not a tomboy, but I'm not a girly girl either.

Do you put a lot of effort into you appearance or is it more laid back? I put some effort into my appearence

Favourite Fashion Era in history and why? probably Victorian

Black and White or Lots of Colour?Lots of Colour, definitely. I also wear black and white but not so often

Bold or pastel colours? I prefer pastel colours

Solid Colours or Prints?Solid Colours

What are your favourite colours to wear and which ones do suit you best? I like red and orange, but I also wear brown and white

☆This or That?☆
Dresses or Tops and Bottoms? Dresses are cuter
Long Sleeved or Short Sleeved? Short Sleeved
Lots of Skin on Show or More Covered Up? somewhere in between
Bright Colours or Dark Colours?Bright Colours
Short Skirts or Long Skirts?Short Skirts
Elegance or Comfort?Elegance, but it depends on the situation

Anything Else

laura: vocaloid | twinsharyan on March 27th, 2010 08:31 pm (UTC)
I'm thinking the rum island shift. It's girly but not too much, and it fits your colour preferences and your "☆Fashion Questions:☆" section in general pretty well