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18 April 2010 @ 03:49 pm
Stamped as Georgiana // Costume theme  

Paige Noel
Previously Stamped as:
Georgiana (regular, and on my old account by the way)

☆Fashion Questions:☆
How would you describe your day style?
Well most days I'm at school so I usually wear jeans, some type of sneaker or sandal or flats, and some sort of comfortable top.

How would you describe your night(going out) style?
Basically the same, but I try to look a little nicer.

Do you dress for comfort or for style?
Comfort usually, but I definitely love style.

Any specific trends just now that you like and why?
It's not much of a trend anymore but I'm loving gladiator sandals. 

Would you describe yourself as girly or more tomboy?
Definitely more girly.

Do you put a lot of effort into you appearance or is it more laid back?
Laid back, I try not to attract attention to myself too much.

Favourite Fashion Era in history and why?
Oh I love the 20s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 80s. I love most times for fashion, really.

Black and White or Lots of Colour?
It depends, color is always nice though.

Bold or pastel colours?

Solid Colours or Prints?

What are your favourite colours to wear and which ones do suit you best?
Anything that isn't too bold or obnoxiously bright I like to wear, personally I don't think anything suits me.

☆This or That?☆
Dresses or Tops and Bottoms?
Oh how I wish I could wear dresses but with my body type I can't, so tops and bottoms.
Long Sleeved or Short Sleeved?
Short sleeved.
Lots of Skin on Show or More Covered Up?
More covered up - I'm very conservative. 
Bright Colours or Dark Colours?
Dark colors. 
Short Skirts or Long Skirts?
Long skirts, though really I'm not allowed to wear either.
Elegance or Comfort?

Anything Else